Saturday, February 23, 2013

Chinese Horoscope 2014 Dragon

Dragon is an animal that is worshipped by the Chinese, so a person born in the Dragon year is said to have divine qualities. They are considered to be blessed and are gifted with great powers. Dragon zodiac sign people are always in the limelight and the star of all gatherings. The attitude of people of the Chinese Dragon animal sign makes them stand apart from the rest of the crowd.

Being self-confident, they have an awesome sense of duty. Also they are considered to be the most eccentric among all the astrology signs. Al Pacino and John Lennon were born in the year of Dragon. Year of Horse 2014 horoscope for the Dragon forecasts that this year might bring many disappointments. In relationships, you might face many disappointments as well as lose many opportunities.

Your goodwill might be tested in the upcoming year. You should maintain peace while facing difficult situations instead of complaining about it. This might bring back the peace at home and in your life too. The Dragon animal sign people are also advised not to be harsh and be polite to everyone. Help might come from a secret friend, so it will be good if you maintain good relations with your close friends. Overall, Chinese zodiac 2014 prediction for Dragon is a mix of good fortune and bad misfortunes.

Chinese Horoscope 2014 Rabbit

Rabbit animal sign people are known to be lucky and attract good fortune. Being peaceful by nature, Rabbit people seldom get into any kind of fight. Also, if someone throws surprises at them, they tend to get annoyed. Rabbit zodiac sign are fond of harmless gossip and are kind-natured.

They are clever in business and never back out from a contract. Roger Moore and Orson Welles belong to the Chinese astrology Rabbit year. The 2014 Chinese horoscope for the rat animal sign predicts that this year 2014 will be full of struggles for you, if you are born in the Rabbit year.

It is suggested that you should avoid over-confidence which might tamper your objectives. Also, handle the hard scenarios you might face this year with some patience. You might be in for some bad vibes from near and dear ones. You need to handle all these situations with patience.

Do not be hasty, for it might bring you a series of failures. You need to be alert, in case, someone tries to harm you. Try to come up with some innovative ideas this year.